Our Story

Our Story
Our Story

I have worked in providing aftercare for women who have suffered from commercial sexual exploitation since 2017.  These brave women have forever changed me. They have faced unspeakable trauma and have miraculously survived.  I now know that if I had experienced what they did as young girls, I would be right where they are.  

I have seen them, and I cannot pass them by. Each one is precious and worthy of care.  I am committed to giving more survivors the opportunity to heal and begin again.  

When I moved from Illinois to Naples in 2020, one of the most difficult things to leave behind was my job at Naomi’s House, a restorative care home for sex trafficking survivors in the Chicagoland area. I spent hours walking the beach asking God to show me what He had for me to do here.  The vision soon became clear: To establish a restorative care home for survivors in southwest Florida.  Its name would be Eden House.

At this time Naomi’s House began their consulting network where they equip other organizations around the country to do what they do.  Eden House will be launched as a separate entity, yet as a replica of the Naomi’s House program with their guidance and mentorship.

First Naples Church has committed to providing oversight for the Eden House ministry.   The Eden House leadership team is moving forward one step at a time, working toward creating a place for Survivors to heal, grow, and have a fresh start.

– Chris Anthony
EH Executive Director

See her. Offer her hope and healing.